Have a Great Week!

Starting off to a wonderful week with some beautiful weather. Hope everyone in the Florida Panhandle had a great weekend! We have a busy week ahead of us, we’ll have our roofers a little spread out between Panama City and Destin, finishing up some roofs and starting on new homes. Cartercraft Roofing is very proud of our guys and the work we all do, we love to make your home look it’s best.

Clay tile roof in Santa Rosa Beach
Clay tile roof in Santa Rosa Beach

North Walton

A little change of scenery this week for our roofing crew. We have been working in the Laurel Hill and Paxton (Go Bobcats!!) area in North Walton County. Nice change from all that traffic and get to see the beautiful farm country. Though I’m sure some may be missing that beautiful beach view and nice breeze off the water down in South Walton areas. ūüôā Hope everyone had a great Monday and enjoy your lovely Florida weather!!

Gerard Roof

Here is a Gerard Stone Coated Metal roof we have been working on over in Niceville Florida. A very lovely job done by our roofing team. Beautiful roof!!

Florida Panhandle

Today has started a busy workweek for Cartercraft Roofing. We have roofing¬†projects going on in Alys Beach, Panama City, Destin, and Miramar Beach. Thankfully the day has started beautifully, lets hope the rest of our week and yours go by smoothly. ūüôā



Here is a Slate roof we did, we finished the roof at the beginning of this year, it is located in Destin Florida and it turned out to be beautiful.

GREENSTONE SLATE–VERMONT GRAY/BLACK¬†The slate roof included 16‚Ä≥x10‚Ä≥ Standard Grade Rough Texture 1/4‚Ä≥-3/8‚Ä≥ thick Vermont Gray Black slate with different sizes used for the hip and ridge.


Great work week!!

Not to brag, but…..our roofing team does some awesome work!!! Cartercraft Roofing has done some beautiful homes this concrete tile roof is located in Alys Beach, Paradise by the Sea.

New Week!!

Today is the start of a new week. A new week to encourage, be encouraged, progressive, light hearted, positive, or whoever or whatever you want to be. ūüôā Here at Cartercraft Roofing we love being able to see all the talented individuals who come together to make a beautiful home. We are proud to be able to help lend our roofing talents to help complete these beautiful homes being done in all our locations in the Florida Panhandle. Here is one of our recently completed Boral Barcelona 900 Casa Grande Blend concrete tile¬†roofs over in Miramar Beach Florida.


Busy Busy :)

It’s been hot and muggy but our roofers are still at it! Cartercraft Roofing strives for excellence and we couldn’t do it without our awesome leader Mr. Jamie Carter and the amazing crew that he has¬†hired!! Here we have¬†one of our roofing crews working over in Destin Florida¬†installing a¬†Boral Saxony 900 Slate¬†white concrete tile roof. We also have a crew over in Santa Rosa Beach installing a MaxRib Metal roof.



Happy 4th!!!

Hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday weekend in the Florida Panhandle. Tomorrow we celebrate Our Independence Day!!¬†Shout out to one of¬†Cartercraft Roofing’s go to guys Jimmy, working hard and always helping out. We are blessed to have many hardworking employees at our roofing company. We hope you and your families all stay safe and have FUN!!!


Yay!!! Beautiful Weather!!!!

Finally the Florida Panhandle is giving us something to smile about!! We have some Gorgeous weather!!!¬†Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, now its time to begin a busy work week for our roofers, gotta catch up from all that rain putting us out. I even have a few pictures of our guys working on a Flat roof today¬†over in Alys Beach Florida. Everyone enjoy this weather before Florida decides to flood us again ūüėČ