Here are a couple of gorgeous homes Cartercraft Roofing did over in Alys Beach, Paradise By the Sea. Today would be lovely day to joy ride and check out our work. 🙂


It is a Gorgeous Day in the Florida Panhandle!! Beautiful, clear skies and warm weather. What more could you ask for 🙂 We’ve been busy this week working in Niceville, Alys Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach helping to get these homes completed by giving them a beautiful new roof. Below is one of Cartercraft Roofing’s completed jobs over in Alys Beach. 🙂


We had a busy week here at Cartercraft Roofing. Safety meetings with Alys Beach, finishing up homes, and starting some new projects. So happy for the good weather we had at the beginning of the week. We here at Cartercraft, hope everyone has a great weekend and lets pray for some more great weather next week. 🙂


Standing Seam Aluminum in Seaside

Here is one of our Standing Seam Aluminum Roofs over in Seaside. We are loving those beautiful curves and slopes. I have to give a shout out to our Cartercraft Roofing crew, you guys are doing an outstanding job on these homes. We do a lot of homes off of 30A so as your passing buy be sure to take a look at all the beautiful work being done out there.


Corrugated Roof in Panama City Beach Florida

Cartercraft Roofing’s Crew has been working non stop to get this beautiful Corrugated roof completed. This home is located in the wonderful Panama City Beach, we had some tight spaces to work in but as you can see that will not stop our roofing crew from getting the job done (and having a little fun while doing it)! We are thankful for our team and our wonderful customers for entrusting their homes to us!!


Panama City Beach

Today we are in Panama City Beach, and it’s a beautiful and perfect day! Everyone be vigilant about your surroundings there’s a lot more traffic out there now that the weather is warming up.






Today our amazing crew is working in the beautiful Alys Beach area getting some of these new roofs completed! It’s so exciting to see these projects turn into someone’s HOME 🙂

And it turned out to be such a pretty day we hope everyone is enjoying it, Be Safe!!

Feeling Blessed in the Florida Panhandle!!


Metal Roof Expansion

Metal roofs heat up when the sun rises and passes through the sky. Standing Seam metal roofs are held down with concealed clips and screws that allow the roof panels to move but not put stress on the screws that hold the panel down.

Old style exposed fastener metal roofs do not do that.The panels slowly push and pull on the screws causing the roof to fail prematurely.

Here is an illustration that might help you to see how that could happen.