Metal Roof Expansion

Metal roofs heat up when the sun rises and passes through the sky. Standing Seam metal roofs are held down with concealed clips and screws that allow the roof panels to move but not put stress on the screws that hold the panel down.

Old style exposed fastener metal roofs do not do that.The panels slowly push and pull on the screws causing the roof to fail prematurely.

Here is an illustration that might help you to see how that could happen.

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It is very important to have all the facts when making a decision on installing a roof. Whether it is a new roof or having an existing building reroofed, you need to be well informed. That is why it is better to hire an experienced roofer who has learned the best materials and techniques for your area and environment.

Call Cartercraft Roofing to get the experienced and qualified roofers from Fort Walton to Panama City. We have done many homes and large commercial projects in Destin, Hwy 30A, Panama City Beach and Panama City areas. References are alvailable and we have customers who are willing to tell you about their own experiences with Carftercraft Roofing.

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