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Freeport, FL 32439
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LIC - CCC1326257

Boral Barcelona 900 Concrete Tile

Boral Barcelona 900 Concrete Tile

black-seal-293-61-cartercraftroofinginc-1001254-2Cartercraft Roofing Inc. is a serviced based company in the roofing industry. We supply, install and warrant metal and tile roofing systems. We have been known to customize our services to meet a specific need. Our company is based on the principals of doing what we say, quality workmanship with experienced employees, and a great desire to achieve customer satisfaction. We expect integrity of our employees and in the materials we use.

Our business has been established since 1991 in the same general area of the Gulf Coast of Florida. Since we do most of our work along the coast line, we understand the codes needed to meet the higher wind zones for these areas. We do commercial and residential work, with references available upon request.

The majority of our work is located in the Gulf Coast of Florida area, mostly along the Ft. Walton Beach to Panama City Beach corridor. In the past have worked in other states also, including Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and further down the state of Florida.

Cartercraft Roofing Inc, provides the following services:

  • Metal roofing
  • Tile roofing
  • Custom sheet metal fabrications
Business Registration Information:

  • Classification: Small SBA Business
  • Corporate Status: S Corp.
  • EIN: 59-3623614
  • CCR: Yes
  • NAICS Code: Primarily 238160
  • SIC Codes: 1761, 3444, 5033
  • D&B: 96-998-8831
  • Certified Roofing Contractor: CCC 1326257